Yes! You Can Carve Out
A Sculpted Beach Body...
  • Without boring yourself with marathon cardio sessions.
  • Without starving yourself with restrictive diets.
  • Without wasting your hard earned money on useless supplements.
Discover The Physique Mastery Sculpt System That Works With Your Body
To Release Fat and Finally Uncover
Your Rock Solid Chiseled Abs!
Meet Your Physique Coaches

Bryan Krahn

Bryan is a life-long bro and lover of all things strength and muscle.

For 20+ years it has been his life's work to help others master their physique while living life to the fullest!

Scott Tousignant

Scott's an elite natural lightweight bodybuilder who views training as an art form and your body as a sculpture.

He has 18+ years experience helping others discover the joy in the process of carving out an aesthetic physique.
Dear Friend,

This is your moment. Your time to shine.

You want a rock solid chiseled body...

You want to feel sexy and confident...

You want those attention grabbing abs that command respect...

And together we can make it happen.

Even if you feel like you've tried everything to carve out your coveted beach body. Always falling just short of your goal...

We're confident that this time will indeed be different for you.

You see, it's all part of the process. We've all been there.

You're certainly not alone. Just ask Greg...
You can relate to Greg's sentiments right?

Awesome! This means you're in great company because...

After just a few short weeks of following the Physique Mastery Sculpt System that you're about to discover, Greg released 10 pounds of fat from his body...
The secret behind the Physique Mastery Sculpt System is that it works with your body's chemistry...

To take your physique from looking good... to jaw dropping great!
Just Feast Your Eyes On
Mike's Dramatic Transformation!
Following the Physique Mastery Sculpt System allowed him to get in the best shape of his life at 54 years of age.

If you think the results Mike experienced are mind blowing, you're not alone.
What you may find even more impressive is that this busy grandpa carved out his sculpted beach body...
  •  Without performing one single second of cardio...
  •  Without taking a single supplement...
  •  Without drugs or hormone replacement therapy...
  •  And all while enjoying his favourite foods.
Chances Are I'm A Lot Like You...
And I Was Once In Your Shoes
Like you, I've struggled with that last 20 pounds of stubborn fat hanging onto my body.

You may have felt as though you looked 'decent' while standing up.

I felt the same way.

But the second I sat down you would see a roll of fat hang over my pants.

Like a vampire sinking it's teeth into your neck, my roll of fat sucked every ounce of confidence right out of me.

You can relate to that feeling right?

Unfortunately, I was starting to experience those feelings once again toward the end of my most recent muscle building phase.

And that's when I began to put the Physique Mastery Sculpt System into action.

Check out the visual impact stripping that last 20 pounds of unwanted fat from your body looks like...
And like Mike, I achieved this sculpted beach body...
  •  Without performing one single second of cardio...
  •  Without taking a single supplement...
  •  Without drugs or hormone replacement therapy...
  •  And all while enjoying my favourite foods.
As physique coaches we pride ourselves on walking the talk. It's something that our clients appreciate and value.
When we say we're in this together, we sincerely mean it. We're sharing your experiences every step of the way.

Having gone through multiple cutting phases in prep for bodybuilding contests and professional photo shoots...

I can say without a shadow of doubt that fat loss has never felt more effortless and enjoyable than when applying the Physique Mastery Sculpt System.

You'll find out more about the insanely effective fat torching system in a moment.

But for now, there's something very important you need to know...
Warning: Most Fat Loss Programs
Are Working Against Your Body!
There's a reason why 95% of fat loss attempts end in failure.

It's because most fat loss programs are designed in a way that works against your body and are simply not sustainable.

Based on two decades of coaching experience, we've come to recognize 3 major mistakes with most fat loss approaches that you must avoid.
Fat Loss Mistake #1:
Restrictive Diet
Too many people are under the impression that carving out ripped abs means that they have to ‘eat clean’, bland and boring meals out of a plastic container.

We've all seen it. The bro who eats nothing but chicken and broccoli. Their idea of variety is swapping it out with tilapia and asparagus.

They think that they need to give up their favorite foods and that they should feel hungry all the time.

The problem is that if you are too aggressive with your diet you run the risk of muscle loss. Not to mention it simply isn’t sustainable.

It's a constant test of your will power that creates unnecessary fat storing stress.

In a matter of days most guys who take this approach end up falling off the wagon by binge eating… and even throwing in the towel all together.
Fat Loss Mistake #2:
Emphasis On Cardio
In their effort to get sculpted, I've witnessed too many people spending countless hours on cardio equipment.

In extreme cases I see them wake up at obscene hours in the morning to get an hour of cardio in... only to return in the evening to hit another hour.

The only thing this is successful at is running you into the ground.

Your performance during your weight training sessions will suffer...

Your appetite will go through the roof... 

And you won't have the energy to do the activities that you really enjoy in life.

Again, this causes unnecessary fat storing stress on your body that also increases your risk of muscle loss.

Plus, it can take the enjoyment out of the fat burning process.
Fat Loss Mistake #3:
Rigid and Punishing Workouts
This disastrous approach comes in two different forms; a) trendy, fast paced and high impact workouts b) lift heavy shit at all costs.

The first is most commonly seen in popular workout dvd's where there's an obsession with doing exercises faster.

Jumping from exercise to exercise while avoiding rest for the sake of keeping your heart rate elevated throughout the entire workout.

This style of workout turns your weight training into cardio.

The premise is that if your heart is pumping and you are soaked in sweat, your workouts must be effective.

Unfortunately there are costs involved when you perform these types of workouts.

Not only are these “man-aerobics” sessions high impact and tough on your joints, but with little to no rest between exercises you have to drastically reduce the weight, which significantly decreases muscle tension.

You run the risk of becoming scrawny and weak.
"You will simply become a smaller version of yourself and that’s not the look you’re going for...."
You want to be ripped, but you also want to be muscular and actually look like you even lift.

The second disastrous approach is contrarian to the first. Training as heavy as you can when dieting to help hang onto your muscle.

The problem is that trying to constantly get stronger when your energy reserves and recovery abilities are diminished is setting yourself up for failure, not to mention injury.

In addition to the physical stress that comes with constantly lifting heavy shit, there is also the mental stress.

For example, Dr. Greg Green previously found the loss of strength that accompanied losing body fat so frustrating...

That he’d quit his diet and resume “gaining” – well short of reaching his body composition goal.
As you can see, rigid programs work against your body and set you up for failure both physically and mentally.

And as you can also see, Greg was able to break that cycle once he hopped on board and began following the Physique Mastery Sculpt System.

Now he's making continuous progress and consistently “racks up the wins.”
Mastery Gives You Command And Control
Mastery is the knowledge and skill to do, use, or understand something exceptionally well.

Physique Mastery requires the knowledge to formulate a progressive training plan that meets the changing needs on your body.

Physique Mastery requires the knowledge to design a meal plan that suits your goals, changing needs, personality, and lifestyle.

Physique Mastery requires the skill of awareness. Paying close attention to how your body responds to your weekly meal plan. How it responds to each meal. How it responds to each food. In terms of energy, satisfaction, physical changes, and emotional changes.

Physique Mastery is just as much about your mind as it is your body.

Physique Mastery is very lifestyle driven. It requires the knowledge to improve sleep quality and quantity. The knowledge to minimize stress and maximize enjoyment.

And that's why we created the Physique Mastery Sculpt System. Your big picture approach where you acquire only the appropriate knowledge and hone your skills to gain complete control over your body and mind.

Until now, this complete step-by-step blueprint to carve out your sculpted beach body has only been available to members of our Physique Mastery Movement group coaching experience.

The fat loss results they've been achieving are out of this world! So good that we knew we had to share this system with others just like you...

Who want to take their physique to the next level.
Some Words from Our (Amazing) Clients
Here's How The Physique Mastery Sculpt System
Works With Your Body To Release Fat
Here’s your chance to follow the exact same 12 week progressive fat loss system myself, Mike, and our PMM group coaching clients have followed to carve out a sculpted beach body.

Here's what's included in the Physique Mastery Sculpt System...
Physique Mastery Sculpt System
Workout Plan ($300 value)
  • The 12-week Physique Mastery Sculpt System is broken down into three unique training phases lasting 28 days each.

    This progressive training system is what we've coined the I.D.V. Method. It's the strategic manipulation of intensity, density, and volume.
Phase 1 - Ignite With Intensity
Here's we're talking about intensity in terms of loading parameters, not how much you sweat during a workout. Heavier loads equate to higher intensity.

You have more strength at the start of a fat loss diet, so you will take advantage of it by utilizing heavy to moderate weights.

This will stoke your metabolic fire and help preserve lean mass. It will also help give your muscles a hard, dense look.

This will also be your introduction to our favourite and quite disgusting intensifier technique to ensure you leave nothing on the gym floor.
Phase 2 - Punch'n The Clock
During weeks 5 through 8 you'll bump up the density of your workouts with some fun (and excruciating) timed challenges.

Your enthusiasm for crushing your workouts will skyrocket as you become enthralled in beating your previous best total rep count.

These victories will give you something to celebrate daily. Providing you with a constant feeling of achievement.

You'll also be introduced to some unique advanced training techniques that will produce the kind of sick muscle pumps you love so much.
Phase 3 - Pump Up The Volume
The leaner you get, fatigue tends to set in quicker and strength decreases are almost inevitable.

So why would you fight it?

If you try to constantly get stronger when your energy reserves and recovery abilities are diminished is setting yourself up for failure, not to mention increasing your risk injury.

During this final phase you will increase the rep range while decreasing your rest intervals. You'll be getting more done in less time.

This leaves room for you to add more sets to your workouts (Increasing your total workout volume). But this has to be done intelligently and strategically.

Because your energy reserves will be at their lowest you will utilize isolation exercises that aren't overly demanding on your body.

You'll perform these exercises with advanced light weight training tactics that allow you to finish strong.
  • As you can see, each phase is progressive in nature.

    Remember, where most fat loss plans fall short and work against your body is in their rigidity.

    With the Physique Mastery Sculpt System your workouts will progress with the changing demands on your body.
  • Each phase also has built in flexibility to adapt with your lifestyle.

    Whether you can train, 3, 4, 5, or 6 days per week, this plan will suit your preference.

    Most fat loss plans force you to adapt your lifestyle to their program. This can cause fat storing stress, which is the last thing you need during this time.

    With the Physique Mastery Sculpt System we eliminate that stress by fitting the plan to your lifestyle.
NOTE: These insanely effective workouts are strategically designed to be used in a gym. These are NOT home workouts that can be done with just dumbbells. If you have access to very limited equipment the Physique Mastery Movement is not for you.

We sell non-personalized workout plans for $100. This strategically designed and complete 12-week body sculpting system is a true $300 value.
Physique Mastery Sculpt System
Follow Along Workout Videos ($47 value)
This is your backstage pass to observe the proper way to perform the exercises and workouts within the Physique Mastery Sculpt System.
The proper execution of each exercise will make a world of a difference in the aesthetically pleasing results you achieve.

I recommend that you watch the videos at home on your computer before you hit the gym, so you stay laser focused during your workouts.
But you can also download them onto your phone just incase you need a quick reminder about the optimal form for an exercise.
Physique Mastery Sculpt System
Workout Log Sheets ($27 value)
The Physique Mastery Sculpt System includes printable workout sheets where you will track your progress during your transformation. 

Ensuring that you achieve the BEST results possible.

These workout printouts are one of the greatest tools to keep you ultra focused while you train.

They are in pdf format, can be printed out, and can be downloaded onto your phone as well.

You could find generic workout log sheets on the Internet for anywhere between $15-25, but even those workout logs are not specific with our unique, progressive body sculpting plan.
Physique Mastery Sculpt System
Lifestyle Guide ($17 value)
This is the foundation that all of your fat loss success is built upon. 
  • Managing and releasing stress to create on optimal hormonal environment to melt fat.
  • Improving quality and quantity of sleep for optimal recovery and appetite control.
  • Active recovery techniques that exponentially increase your caloric burn throughout the day while bringing joy to your life and releasing feel good fat burning hormones.

    When applying these techniques your performance during your weight training sessions will dramatically improve.

    Waste products, such as lactic acid will easily be removed from your working muscles and nutrients will be rapidly shuttled to your recovering muscle post workout to help them rebuild faster.
Get this right and you will enhance your overall lifestyle. Providing you with the energy and vitality to live life to the fullest.
Physique Mastery Sculpt System
Nutrition Guide ($27 value)
Strip away the fat by following the simple Physique Mastery Sculpt System nutrition guidelines.

Working with the changing needs of your body, the Physique Mastery Sculpt System is aggressive when energy reserves are high and adds increases your fuel intake when energy reserves are low.

This is where most fat loss plans fall short. They start aggressive and when you hit a plateau they cut your food consumption even more. Becoming increasingly restrictive and skyrocketing fat storing stress hormones at the worst possible time.

A properly designed meal plan to sculpt your beach body should include all of your favourite foods to fuel your lifestyle. It should work with your body and provide adequate fuel when it's needed the most.That’s the beauty of flexible dieting.

Whether I’m cutting for a photo shoot or bodybuilding contest I always make room for my favourite gourmet burgers and sushi.

The entire week leading up to my last bodybuilding contest I was still enjoying some ice cream, cookies, and chips.
My workout partner calls me the cookie monster because I eat my favorite cookies just about every day.

When you strategically consume these foods, it can be the key to your long term success.

With the Physique Mastery Sculpt System Nutrition Guide you get the optimal diet guidelines to fuel your fat burning lifestyle.
Coach Scott's 12 Week Food Journal ($47 value)
This is your back stage pass to see exactly how an experienced veteran of the fat loss game eats to get his physique beach ready.
  • You'll see every meal that I ate throughout the entire 12 week cutting phase to release the last 20 pounds of stubborn fat from my body.
  • Caloric content of each meal and the reasons behind the caloric target for each day.
  • Video footage of my daily meals and insights into how each day of eating impacted me physically and emotionally.
"You won’t find anything like the Physique Mastery Sculpt System on the market with..."
Progressive training phases to meet the changing needs of your body...

Flexible workout plans to suit your lifestyle...

And nutrition guidelines that fuel your body when you need it the most.

Working with your body to release fat and finally uncover your sculpted beach body!
When you get your copy of the Physique Mastery Sculpt System today, you will also receive the following...
Peak Week Shrink Wrap Effect ($17 value)
Take your physique to the next level with the special 5 day nutrition protocol strategically designed to produce a skin tight, muscle hugging, shrink wrap effect that will REALLY bring out the finer details of your physique.
PicturePerfect Photo Shoot Insider Secrets ($17 value)
Getting ripped and sculpted is only part of the battle. The secret to looking your absolute best for a photo shoot is in how you present yourself.

With these tips and tricks you will discover:
  • The BEST posing techniques that create an optical illusion… making you appear slimmer and more sculpted.
  • The BEST props to bring out the finer details of your physique.
  • The BEST tanning solution that’s safe and natural.
  • The BEST clothing choices to show off your body and personality.
  • The BEST pre-photo shoot ritual.
With these picture perfect photo shoot tips and tricks not only will you have the body of a fitness model… but you will also look the part.
Total value of the Physique Mastery Sculpt System is $499
Download your copy today for only $37.
Download Your Copy and Get Instant Access Today
Order the Physique Shred System today and get:
  •  Physique Mastery Sculpt System Workout Plan ($300 value)
  •  Follow Along Workout Videos ($47 value) 
  •  Workout Log Sheets ($17/mo value)
  •  Physique Mastery Sculpt System Lifestyle Guide ($17 value)
  •  Physique Mastery Sculpt System Nutrition Guide ($27 value)
  •  Coach Scott's 12-week Food Journal ($47 value)
  •  Peak Week Shrink Wrap Effect ($17 value)
  •  Picture Perfect Photo Shoot Insider Secrets ($17 value)
Total value of the Physique Mastery Sculpt System is $499.
But today, you can get access to everything for only $37.
60 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee. 

The Physique Mastery Sculpt System
60-Day Guarantee:
If you are not at all satisfied with the program, I'll give you ALL of your money back. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

You risk absolutely nothing when you invest in the Physique Mastery Sculpt System with our 100% money back guarantee.

Put the Physique Mastery Sculpt System to the test. Give it everything you've got and experience the results you deserve!

Strip away fat and witness first hand, the excitement of carving out chiseled details!

You will not only be satisfied, but I guarantee that you will be thrilled, motivated, and inspired, or you can simply send me an email asking for a prompt and courteous refund.

In fact, if for any reason at all, you are not totally satisfied, then I insist that you ask me for a refund.

I want you to build your BEST body EVER by applying the incredibly effective strategies in the Physique Mastery Sculpt System and become a success story so other men can be inspired by YOU.

When you complete the Physique Mastery Sculpt System email me your story so you can be an inspiration to everyone out there.

You owe it to yourself to at least try the Physique Mastery Sculpt System and prove to yourself that you truly are capable of having an amazing body!
Real Results From Real People
"Everything You Need To Immediately Begin Building Your Best Body Ever Is Waiting For You Inside The Physique Mastery Sculpt System!"
With the Physique Mastery Sculpt System you have a complete step by step blueprint to follow. No guesswork. No frustration. This system includes;
  • Done For You Workout Program to strip away fat and carve out chiseled details.
  • Done For You Nutrition Guide and Delicious Meals to fuel your fat loss journey.
  • Done For You Lifestyle Guidelines to reduce stress, maximize recovery, and enjoy the fat burning process to the fullest.
It couldn’t get any more simple. But this doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy.

Sculpting a chiseled beach body is going to take hard work and dedication on your part. You’ll need to give your very best effort while striving for your true potential.

Don’t worry. You have what it takes. Plus, I’m here to guide you and support you every step of the way.

So let’s do this together and show the world what you’re made of!
We’re In This Together. Get Ready To
Carve Out Your BEST Body EVER!
It is our ultimate purpose to not only help you build your BEST body EVER, but to share and enjoy the experience with you.

We would be honored to begin that experience with you today!

We are 100% commited to your success.

Frankly, We're beyond excited to see the mind blowing results that you’ll experience while following the Physique Mastery Sculpt System.

With us as your coach, we're expecting that you’ll even exceed the results that I’ve personally achieved.

Your Coaches
~ Scott Tousignant and Bryan Krahn
What is The Physique Mastery Sculpt System and why is it the BEST for sculpting a chiseled beach body? 

The Physique Mastery Sculpt System is strategically designed to work with your body to burn fat by progressing with the changing needs of your body as your energy reserves decrease the deeper you get into the 12-week cutting phase.

Physique Training is the BEST for sculpting your most aesthetically pleasing fitness model "look" because it applies a synergistic combination of exercises and protocol with a focus on developing spectacular symmetry and ideal proportions. Physique Training creates a finished and polished look that is both impressive and attractive.

Is this program ideal for me? 

If you want the fitness model, physique athlete look... very lean and muscular with great shape and symmetry, but not with excessive bulk... The Men's Health magazine look... then ABSOLUTELY The Physique Mastery Sculpt System is for you!
Is this program for men, women, or both? 

The Physique Mastery Sculpt System is designed for men... but many women absolutely love it too!

Is this a muscle building program or fat loss program? 

The Physique Mastery Sculpt System is strategically designed to strip away fat, but you may build a bit of muscle in the process.

Do I need a gym membership to participate in the program? 

The Physique Mastery Sculpt System is designed to be used in a gym or a very well equipped home gym.

Will this program work for men and women over 50? 

Absolutely! Did you see the video of Mike (54) above and the pics of Rick (54)? There are many men and women over the age of 50 who have been experiencing fantastic results from this program. You're never too old to transform your body and get in the best shape of your life.

Is this program suitable for a beginner? 

No. The Physique Mastery Sculpt System is designed for experienced intermediate and advanced lifters.

Is the program available on dvd or hard copy book? 

There is no hard copy or dvd. This is a downloadable program, which includes ebook in Adobe acrobat PDF format, audios in mp3 format, and online videos, which you can download to your computer or iPod.

Is it safe to order this program online? 

Yes, the checkout page is on a secure server.

What if it doesn't work for me?

If for any reason at all you do not feel that this program is for you within the first 60 days, we will send you a prompt, no questions asked refund. We stand behind our program 100% and your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.

What if I have questions or need help? 

We are hear to answer your questions and provide you with support every step of the way. We want to share in your journey and play a big role in your success. We love to interact with our customers.

How do I order the program? 

The fastest way to get the program is on the order page above. 

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